“El lechazo asado” Roasted lamb



1/4  spanish sucklin lamb




A croskpot

An oven made of wood (which is better, but we can use an electric oven, too)

lechazo asado

Brief history of  “Lechazo”

The “lechazo” is a small lamb. The meat of the lamb is white and tender. It is an animal of aboud 20 or 30 days of age, which can weigh  6 or 7 kg.

Place the lamb in the crokpot, season it with salt, add  glass of water and put it in the electric oven.

Leave  it  in the oven at a temperature of  180º for two hours.

In the midde of the roast we take casserole from the oven, we turn round the lamb and if, it is necessary, we put thec rockpot into the oven again and let it be done.

By Charo


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