Nature everywhere

You are in a land of wineyards and cereal planes. The Duero´s Valley -with large plateaus and soft hills- brings you exceptional landscapes fulls of life.

Riverbank vegetation is profuse: elms, poplars, ashes, alders and many kinds of water plants provide shelter for several birds spices. Don´t forget your camera and the binoculars! It´s easy to find herons, cormorans, gooses and the colorful kingfisher.

Familys of storks have an unique view of the area at the top of the churches and other high places. You can see nests of swallows and flying sparrows also.

Vultures, kites and kestrels fly over dense forest of holm oaks and pines. Admire their flights while you practice hiking, surrounded by aromatic plants, under a clean sky.


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